There is a way you can end your battle with food and self-esteem and help your kids as well. 
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"Helping Me With My Tweens!"
"Karen’s work is supportive and challenging—it’s a perfect balance. This book gives me the tools to have important conversations with my tween daughters about body image and food. I’ve always been worried about putting too much emphasis or not enough on eating habits etc. Karen’s book gave me the chance to explore my relationship with food and it gives the guidance needed to explore it with my family too. Her work is all about empowering women to fully embrace their feelings while not being defined by our relationship with food."
- Christine
Woodbury, New York
This Book Will Help You To...
 Create peace with food and body image within yourself.
 Break the legacy of yo-yo dieting and raise healthy, intuitive eaters
 Quiet the criticism and noise impacting your ability to flourish—and your family's ability to thrive.
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"Karen did an amazing job identifying how you can develop healthy eating habits in this book. She gives you specific steps and stories to illustrate how you can develop a better relationship with food without depriving yourself! I felt like she was reading my mind and answered questions I didn't even know that I had. Grateful that she took the time to create this for us."
'Within" Has Already Helped Countless People Around the World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?!
"You Need This TODAY!"
"Karen is a genius at helping you finally release your struggle with food... so you can get back to ENJOYING your life - family - profession - marriage - whatever. Because once you move through her philosophy, it's impossible to NOT drop the struggle. She is doing important work and I feel like every woman should read this book who's ever had a negative food/body thought... and if you're a mother?! Forgedaboudit... you need this TODAY."
- Meadow Merry
New York
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"Good Resource for the Entire Family!"
"This book was amazing at reframing what food means. The second half of the book and how to talk to kids is something I will definitely implement in my family. We have been a family of yo-yo dieters, with multi-generations living together, and I cannot wait to reframe how we look at food and taking care of our bodies."
- Rachelle
Reno, Nevada
"SO many 'aha' moments and I love how Karen doesn't make you feel bad for your choices"
"Where do I start? I love how Karen really helps you dig deep and see the patterns and habits you have created with food! I know those regrettable moments when I eat 2 slices of cheesecake or a box of Hot Tamales, it's because there are feelings I don't want to face or deal with and I run to food to make me feel more at peace or comforted. Instead of making me feel bad, Karen shares about how being mindful about what lights you up and feels good to you should come first when it comes to food, and then the cravings won't seem as appealing. I know that I can create new eating habits and remove the "I should" or "I have to" to just enjoy having a meal I can enjoy instead of the back and forth ridiculous dialogue I have in my head about whether or not my meal is healthy enough, or if I will fit into my summer jeans that I secretly have held onto for the last 10 years. And she makes a really great point about flooding your social media feed with people who make you feel good about yourself just as you are, instead of making you feel guilty for your choices, for not exercising enough or for eating meat, gluten or carbs. Loving your body and choosing food that you enjoy without the guilt is something Karen can help you with! I don't have to make relationship with food "right" by anyone's standards, except mine. Thank you Karen for sharing with us a new way of living every day! "
- Theresa
Dallas, Texas
As You Can See...
Within Has Already Helped Countless People Around The United States...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
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No one wants their daughter to grow up with an eating or body image disorder. However, if you're a mother battling these issues yourself, you may worry about passing them on to your child. There is a way you can end your war with food and self-esteem—and save your daughter as well. 

In Within, registered dietitian Karen Diaz shares her two-part approach to confronting eating and body image disorders. Her lessons begin with focusing on changes within yourself before shifting to transforming your home and family. Included are exercises to let go of emotions, shed the diet culture, become self-full, reenvision mealtime, keep food neutral, assess the bigger picture, and discuss bodies with your children.

This book is not a diet, but rather the means to quiet the criticism and noise impacting your ability to flourish—and your family's ability to thrive.
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"Each moment is a chance to start again. Let's make it count." 

With Love,
P.S. Imagine that you’ve let go of the pressures and expectations of dieting and food trends, and you’ve embraced the peace that comes with accepting yourself and your body for the value that you bring to the world. You’ve stopped being at war with food.
It’s time to let go of the battle, embrace luxury, and learn to love food. 

Are you ready? I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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